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     *My experience with Jackie is that she is both talented and committed to her clients and their owners. Jackie has a unique FEEL for finding the relief to get balance back. Jackie has worked on my horses, as well as my dog. When Jackie would come to work on Jake (my dog) he would many times not be able to get up without effort and by the time she was done, he would be trotting off after her to the car. Jackie has also kept me and my horses balanced so that we are able to keep each gait, both ways correct. I truly am blessed to have Jackie in our lives! I recommend her to everyone, whether there is an obvious issue or if you are just having some problem, maybe picking up a lead on one side versus another, or ear pinning when saddling, or any other issues, body work can help. Thank you Jackie! 
Ingrid Scott, Horse Trainer

     *I currently don't have a horse but have Jackie work on me.  The massages that she's given me have typically lasted up to 90 minutes.  It was a mixture of therapeutic massage with trigger point therapy and myofascial release work.  I would definitely recommend Jackie as she's the best massage therapist I've ever used. Very professional, thorough, effective and can find problem areas you don't know you have. Specifically she has fixed sciatica problems amongst other problem areas.  I'm a nurse and work in an Emergency Room setting and have recommended her to patients as well as friends and family.  Amy Webber, RN

     *I've had Jackie work on multiple horses for me over the past few years, both for general maintenance and specific rehab goals. I have never been disappointed in the improvement seen after her work with the horses in my care. As a horse professional this reflects well on me, but more importantly, improves the quality of life (and work) for the horses in my care. Jackie's intuitive, non-invasive techniques have brought nothing but positive results for me. 
     One horse in particular deserves mention. He came into my care as an adult horse, with extremely toed-out conformation, contracted heels, tight elbows and shoulders, virtually no ability to move his front legs upwards. Consequently he only paced at speed, and was a severe stumbler under saddle, even at a walk on flat ground. Though this horse's attitude was always good, he was acutely aware he was less-than-perfect under saddle.

     Working regularly with Jackie and a farrier who would take direction, we began a series of changes to this horse's fitness, athleticism, and way of going. It has been exciting to see this horse learn that he could actually use his body in a pain-free manner, whether at liberty or carrying a rider.
      Over two summers his shoe size increased by two, and his last set of front shoes wore off precisely at the toe, rather than at the 10 o'clock position. His chest broadened and he developed self-carriage, along with a dramatic increase in his self confidence, which of course carries over to his rider. Jackie's intuitive, non-invasive techniques have brought nothing but positive results for me. I have to say, one of the stretches she taught him, he learned to do by himself on the wooden rail fence. I've seen him multiple times stretching out his tightest front leg by himself, because now he knows he can!
     Without Jackie's help "remodeling" how this horse moves he would still be shuffling and stumbling. He has a long and useful life ahead of him as a result of her participation on our team. I recommend her without hesitation for anyone concerned enough about their horse/s to give them what we give ourselves, relief from pain and improvement in our general well-being.  Nancie McCormish, The Equicenter, LLC, Steamboat Springs, CO
      *Jackie has a "special" ability to connect with horses on both a physical and mental-spiritual level.  They instantly know that her "touch" is therapeutic and accept it without question.  Myofascial release has done wonders for my horses and Jackie is the best on many levels.

Diane Parker, Palmyra, WI

      *Horse persons of all disciplines should be desiring of the work of Jackie Gladu.  As a Physical Therapist who has written books on body work for horses and riders alike, and having worked with Ms. Gladu since 1998, I have been impressed and thankful for the work that she is able to do.  

She is skilled at evaluating, finding the problems and correcting them.  Horses love her work and participate in it with relish.  I assure You it is unlikely You would be disappointed in any way.

Jackie has an excellent background as a licensed massage therapist and loads of experience with horses in the handling, care and riding as well as the therapeutic body work areas.  Do not forget yourself in this work.  Your horse can only be as good as it's rider and her expertise in work for the rider is also excellent.

Doris Kay Halstead,  Thomasville, NC

Author of "Release the Potential", A practical guide to Myofascial Release for Horse and Rider.

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