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Services and Pricing

Therapeutic Massage Therapy:

I'd like to host a Myofascial Clinic for Horse and Rider.  What does a clinic include, how long is it and how are the fees structured?
A Myofascial Clinic would start with a lecture explaining how myofascial and muscular asymmetries can and do affect you and your horse.  All participants will be shown how to do self evaluations including exercises to show their restricted areas.  Some exercises will include routines on various props such as pool noodles, foam rollers, towels, balls, etc. and will help you achieve the desired affects.  After making the person aware of their asymmetries and helping them correct them through stretching and exercise, I would then evaluate and treat their horse.  To complete the clinic, they would be brought together for a very basic (30 minute) flat lesson to better establish the use of their newly aligned body with their horses'.  Price for participation for both horse and rider is $300.00.  If a person would also like to have a full body Myofascial Release Massage in addition to the evaluation and exercise techniques shown, it would be an additional $85.00.  The clinic length varies on the amount of people and horses participating but typically will last 2-3 days. 

How else can you structure your services or treatments? 
I am also available to provide "treatments only" for horse and/or rider.  The cost per massage is $150.00.  A minimum attendance must be confirmed with the coordinator.  My repeat and regular clients are appreciated and their fee per massage is $125.00.  Even though each horse is treated individually, new horses and clients typically take a bit more time educating them as to how and why Myofascial Release is so effective.  Please Note: For all clinic and treatment situations, minimum attendance must be met.  This will be determined between myself and the coordinator of the event.  To avoid cancellations, I recommend that the coordinator receive all expected participant's payments in full prior to the event.  A clear cancellation/substitution policy is highly recommended.

How long does each treatment last? 
I allow 60 minutes per massage, regardless of horse or human.  Some take less time while others are slightly more, but an hour is a good average.  

Do you offer private sessions for individuals to learn how to do Myofascial Release techniques on their own horse? 
Yes, I am also available to come in and teach the average horse owner how to evaluate and treat their own horse.  Participants must have their own horse and be comfortable working around them in ALL areas.  Ill mannered and uncooperative horses will not be tolerated due to the safety of everyone involved.  The fee for this one on one instruction is $175.00 per horse and rider team.  This is not intended for someone who wants to pursue a career in Equine Massage Therapy but is an informative and educational tool to allow the horse owner to aid in the long term care of their equine partner.

What if I have people that want only a treatment and others that want a clinic type setting.  Are You willing to do both?
Absolutely!  I'm willing to work with everyone to try to meet their needs.  Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone and we can discuss the options that might suit you, your barn or your group of friends.  

Saddle Fitting:

I will travel to Your location so that You can test the saddles out in an environment that's comfortable for both You and Your horse.  My fee for saddle fitting is $150.00 per horse and rider team.  Mileage is charged 100 miles outside of my area and can be divided for multiple fittings.  However, I do a lot of traveling and if You'd like a fitting while I'm traveling to that area, no mileage charge is applied.  

Below is a picture of three time World Cup Champions, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro who are one of our sponsored rider teams.    

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