Competitive Edge Therapeutic Massage, Competitive Edge Saddles  
Specializing in Therapeutic Massage and Correct Saddle Fit for both Horse and Rider!


  • Is your horse chronically lame, either slightly or intermittently?
  • Are you a serious competitor who wants a competitive edge in the show arena?
  • Have you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on chiropractors, veterinarians, massage or acupuncture treating the lameness or trying to improve your or your horse's performance with little or no results?
  • Have you spent hours researching to figure out the source or cause of a chronic lameness and can't seem to pinpoint the exact cause of your horses lameness?
Before you give up on your horse, check out the relief Competitive Edge Therapeutic Massage can offer you and your horse!

Contact Jackie Gladu for your free consultation.

Since 1999, I've worked on horses and people using Myofascial Release taught to me by Doris K. Halstead. Understanding the biomechanics of horse and rider is crucial to understanding what restrictions both You and Your horse are experiencing.  It's also critical to try to determine what may cause these restrictions.  In many cases it can be caused by ill fitting saddles.  As a fitter for Equipe Saddlery, I talk with You the rider to determine what issues You're having with Your horse and their current
saddle.  After examining and evaluating Your horse and current saddle, You get to demo various saddles that will fit You and Your horse better creating a more balanced, symmetrical ride. I custom fit the saddle to both Your needs as well as Your horses' to ensure both Your comfort.  We have enough to think about while riding without worrying about Your saddle!  
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